The Importance of EOBBD Essential Oils – Don’t Gamble With Your Health

If you start to look around for essential oils, you will see that there are different kinds and brands. How do you know which oils have the properties and benefits that you are looking for? It actually depends on how you intend to use them. Most are made as ingredients for perfumes and cosmetics. Perfume grade oils may smell good, but they lack the potency, strength and the complex natural medicinal compounds needed for therapeutic uses. Such products should not be used for medicinal or therapeutic purposes because they can be ineffective, cause allergies or result in adverse effects.

Beware of Labeling
Even with therapeutic products, label claims can be very deceiving. For example, the label claim “100% pure” by law may contain as little as 51% essential oil diluted in a carrier. Therefore, 100% pure is not a reliable indicator of true purity. Some labels claim “Aromatherapy Grade”, “Natural” or “Organic”, however, not all of these products are necessarily therapeutic. You should therefore not trust bottle label claims as a guide to quality.

What does E.O.B.B.D mean?
For medicinal purposes, the best way to ensure the highest quality product is to look for E.O.B.B.D. testing or certification. E.O.B.B.D. stands for Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined. This thorough testing and certification process guarantees the highest quality, potency and purity for an essential oil and provides confidence of safety and effectiveness for medicinal uses.

E.O.B.B.D. testing guarantees that the right part of the plant was used and was extracted properly to preserve the beneficial essence of the plant. Biochemical analysis is also performed to verify that the correct natural chemical signatures are present and to ensure the absence of common adulterants and impurities. Bottom line, these will be the most potent, pure, clean and active oils you can find.

Don’t Gamble with Your Health
If you have any health challenges, don’t gamble with your health using inferior products. For demanding therapeutic or medicinal uses, E.O.B.B.D. essential oils are the best indicator of quality. We’ve found from years of experience that Be Young’s line is superior when it comes to quality and value. You may pay a bit more, but you will get a product you can rely on.

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